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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Saint SWITHIN WELLS, layman, 1591


“ I have been long in durance and endured much, but the future reward makes pain seem pleasure. And truly now the solitariness causes me not grief, but rather joy, for thereby I can better prepare myself for that happy end for which I was created and placed here by God. I am also sure that however few I see yet I am not deserted, for ‘ whose companion is Christ is never alone.’ When I pray I talk with God ; when I read He talketh to me. Thus, though I am bound and chained with gyves, yet am I loose and unbound towards God, and it is better, I deem, to have the body bound than the soul in bondage. I am threatened, Lord, with danger of death ; but if it be no worse I will not wish it better. God send me the grace, and then I weigh not what flesh and blood can do to me. These answered many anxious and dangerous questions, but I trust with good advisement, not offending my conscience. What will become of it God knows best, to whose protection I commit you. From gaol and chains to the Kingdom. Thine to life’s end.”—(Letter from prison.)

“ So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free, by the freedom whereby Christ has made us free.”—Gal. iv.31.

St Swithun, Bishop of Winchester, who was the name saint of Saint Swithin Wells

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