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Monday, December 15, 2014

Saint EDMUND GENINGS, priest, 1591

Then the Protestant Bishop of London began, 

"You are greatly abused by those whom you call your Superiors. Think now of my counsel, which is to help yourselves, and to acknowledge your fault and error ; then doubtless I dare promise you from the Queen’s Majesty sure pardon. You miserable men do what in you is, to kill yourselves, which is a damnable thing, unless you now repent.’ On this Mr. Genings began to smile, and said that, though young, he thought he could answer the Bishop’s allegation. ‘ Peace,’ said the Bishop, ‘ I see you are all willful. Here I acquit myself before all this audience, that I have given you sound counsel. At the latter day, when you and I shall all stand before the Judge, this my word now shall condemn you,’ and with that the old dissembler wept, as it seemed, and wiped his eyes, trickling down with tears, every one as big as a millstone. ‘ Almighty God pardon your obstinacy. I may not stay to hear the just sentence of blood pronounced against you, because it is not according to my profession; ’ which said, he presently departed from the Bench. Many silly people commended his great charity and tender heart, as I heard them speak.”

“ And they went not into the hall, that they might not be defiled, but that they might eat the Pasch.”—John xviii. 28.

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