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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our Lady of Aberdeen

"Aberdeen -- Our Lady at the Bridge of Dee, described as Our Lady at the Brig is mentioned in 1459. Near to the chapel was a well dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, where miraculous favours were obtained. In the cathedral were four altars of Our Lady, each with her image, one being of silver. "

Although Scotland is now sadly known as a Protestant country, many in the country of the "Old Faith" have a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary. From 1560 to 1625, Scottish Catholics were persecuted, and many lovely images of Mary and the saints were destroyed. The only one known to have survived is a little wooden image of Our Lady and her Divine Child known as Our Lady of Good Success (Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Voorspoed) that now stands in Brussels, Belgium in the Church of Our Lady of Finnisterrae. In Scotland, she was known as Our Lady of Aberdeen. The image of Our Lady was successfully hidden by a faithful Scottish family until it was sent to safety in Belgium. Shortly after World War I, a group of Scottish highlanders planned to kidnap the image to take it back to Scotland, but when they saw the great devotion of her Belgian clients, they abandoned their plans and joined in the prayers at her shrine. A copy of the image stands in the cathedral at Aberdeen.

Another copy of the original in a Scottish Church.

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