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Monday, December 01, 2014

Saint EDMUND CAMPION, Jesuit, 1581


In the splash and mud of a wet December morning, Campion was led forth from the Tower, still in his old gown of Irish frieze. Undaunted he saluted the vast crowd, saying, “ God save you all, gentlemen ! God bless you and make you all good Catholics!” After kneeling in prayer he was strapped on the hurdle, Sherwin and Briant being together bound on a second hurdle. They were dragged at the horses’ tails through the gutter and filth, followed by an in- sulting crowd of ministers and rabble. Still some Catholics were consoled by a word from him, and one gentleman, like Veronica on another Via Dolorosa, most courteously wiped his face all spattered with mire and filth. Passing under the arch of Newgate, whereon still stood an image of Our Lady, Campion raised himself and saluted the Queen of Heaven, whom he hoped so soon to see. At the gallows he began with a sweet firm voice, “ Spectaculum facti sumus Deo Angelis et hominibus,” but the Sheriffs interrupted him, and urged him to con- fess his treason. He repeatedly maintained his innocence, and having declined to join in prayer with the ministers, asked all Catholics for a Credo for him in his agony, and while again pro- fessing his loyalty to the Queen he went to his reward.

“ We are made a spectacle to the world, to angels and to men.”—1 Cor. iv. 9.

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