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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saint EDWARD AMBROSE BARLOW, Benedictine, 1641



HE was beginning to recover from his illness, but was still very weak, when he was apprehended on Easter Day 1641. A neighbouring minister proposed to his congregation that, instead of their service, they should show their zeal by capturing the noted popish priest, whom they would surely now find in the midst of his flock, but would lose when church time was over. Some four hundred went therefore with clubs and swords, the parson marching at their head in his surplice. Father Barlow had finished Mass, and was making a discourse to his people on the subject of patience, when the house was found to be surrounded by armed men. He refused to hide himself in any of the secret places provided in the house for that purpose, or leave his sheep, as he said, to the mercy of the wolves. He exhorted them to constancy, and reminded them that these light and momentary tribulations worked an eternal weight of glory, and telling them that he was ready to offer all things for Christ, he bid them open the door. The mob rushed in, shouting, "Where is Barlow? he is the man we want," and laying hands on him they secured him and let the rest go, upon giving caution for their appearance. He suffered at Lancaster, September 10, 1641.

"For Christ our Pasch is sacrificed."—1 COR.v. 7.

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