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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Saint THOMAS MORE, Layman, 1535



WHEN his wife came to see him she reproached him roundly for preferring to stay among the rats and mice in a close, filthy prison, when he might be enjoying his liberty, the goodwill of the King, and the company of his family in his " right fair" house at Chelsea. " I muse what a God's name you mean here still thus fondly to tarry," she cried. Sir Thomas said cheerfully, "I pray thee, good Mistress Alice, tell me one thing : is not this house as near Heaven as mine own?" " Tilly vally, tilly vally," quoth she, in her homely fashion. " Bone Deus, man, will this gear never be left ? " " Well, then," quoth he, " I see not why I should much joy in my house, when, if I arose after being seven years dead, the new owner would bid me get out of doors, or why should I like a house so soon forgetful of his master? How long do you think we may live and enjoy it ? " " Some twenty years," said she. " Truly," replied he, "if you had said some thousand years it had been somewhat; and yet he were a bad merchant that would risk Eternity for a thousand years ; how much the rather, if we are not sure to enjoy it one day to an end."

"One day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."— 2 PET. iii. 8.

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