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Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Biography and Hhis Diocese

HE held, besides his sees at Elizabeth's accession, the important secular office of President of the Council of Wales. From this he was removed by the Queen in furtherance of her plan of depriving all Catholics of positions of trust. On his refusal to consecrate Parker, and again to take the oath of Supremacy, he was sent to the Tower, June 18, 1560. There he remained till the plague broke out in 1563, when he was quartered on Nicolas Bullingham, Bishop intrusive of Lincoln. He died in charge of Dr. Carew, Dean of Exeter, who at Elizabeth's coronation had sung the Mass without elevating either the Sacred Host or chalice.

Bishops in charge of these Protestant dignitaries were to be kept in safe custody, to have their diet alone in their chamber, and that in no superfluity. They were to see only their attendant, never to take the air save accompanied with his custodian. They were to have sound books lent to them, and be persuaded to hear sermons, and attend the Protestant services. Thus deprived of Mass, the Sacrament, Catholic books, or the sight of a Catholic, wearied by heretical arguments, and worn by the continual pressure of their heretical keepers, the confessors bore witness till death.

" We would not have you ignorant, brethren, of our tribulation. We were pressed out of measure, so that we were weary even of life."— 2 COR. 1. 8.

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