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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Blessed THOMAS ABEL, Priest to Blessed JOHN FOREST, OSF


Biographies of Thomas Abel and John Forest

"ALTHOUGH human nature is terrified by the intensity of tortures, yet our faith demands and requires us to bear them. I said, ' My foot is moved because Thou hast turned away Thy face from me. Thou turnest away Thy face from me, and I became troubled ; troubled, I say, because the pain of the tortures which I desire is prolonged, and at the same time I am humbled ; humbled, and not raised up, because not drawn to my Saviour ; not drawn, because I am burdened with the weight of my sins* burdened and not refreshed by Him. What, then, profits my condemnation, if there be longer to wait ? Wherefore, I ask ? Because you have not availingly implored the mercy of God. For I know how much the prayer of the just man weighs before God. Because with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him plentiful redemption. In Thee have our fathers hoped; they have hoped, and Thou hast delivered them for the sake of David, Thy servant. Why, then, is there not an end put to these tortures ? I have now suffered seven and thirty days, and I find no rest. But my hope is that we shall die together by the same punishment."

" He that shall endure to the end, he shall be saved."—MARK xiii. 13.

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