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Monday, August 04, 2014

Blessed NICHOLAS POSTGATE, Priest, 1679



BORN in Yorkshire of parents great sufferers for the faith, he returned from Douay to the English Mission, June 1630. He laboured in his native county and converted hundreds from sin and heresy. With all his active work he led the life of a solitary in a hut on Blackamoor, which is thus described by a contemporary :—

Nor spared they Father Posket's blood, A reverend priest, devout and good, Whose spotless life in length was spun To eighty years and three times one. Sweet his behaviour, grave his speech, He did by good example teach. His love right bent, his will resigned, Serene his look and calm his mind ; His sanctity to that degree As Angels live, so lived he.

A thatched cottage was the cell Where this contemplative did dwell, Two miles from Mulgrave Castle 't stood,
Sheltered by snow-drifts, not by wood. Tho' there he lived to that great age It was a dismal hermitage, But God placed there the Saint's abode For Blackamoor's greater good.

" You are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God."—COL. iii. 3.

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