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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

+ Blessed HUGH GREEN, Priest, 1642



"AFTER he was cut down he came to his perfect senses," writes Dame Willoughby, " and sat upright. Protestants heard him and took great notice of it; for all the Catholics were pressed away by the unruly multitude except myself, who never left him until his head was severed from his body. Whilst he was thus calling upon Jesus, the butcher did pull a piece of his liver out instead of his heart, then with his knife raked on the body of the blessed martyr, who even then called on Jesus, and his forehead sweat, then it was cold, presently again burned ; his eyes, nose, and mouth ran with with blood and water. His patience was admirable, though his inward groans gave signs of those lamentable torments which for more than half-an-hour he suffered."
Then the people pulled him down by the rope which was about his neck ; then did the butcher cut him open, and turned the flap upon his breast, which the holy man feeling put his hand upon his bowels, and looking on his bloody hand laid it down by his side, and lifting up his right hand crossed himself, saying three times, * Jesu, Jesu, Jesu mercy !' The which, although unworthy, I am a witness of, for my hand was on his forehead, and many

" My eyes have failed with weeping, my bowels are troubled, my liver is poured out upon the earth."—-LAM. ii. 11.

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