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Friday, August 22, 2014

+ Blessed WILLIAM LACY, Priest, 1582


DRIVEN from York, where he held a high judicial post, hunted from place to place, penniless through fines for recusancy, as an aged widower he was ordained priest at Rome. At Loreto, on his way to England, he wrote, " I wish to take my leave of you once more with this letter, as I do not know whether it may be the last. We arrived on Tuesday at this holy house, where my companions and I served the Lord in his own home, and at the shrine of His most holy Mother.
At this we all experienced an extraordinary consolation, though indeed we felt much spiritual joy throughout the journey. I am particularly charmed with the devotion and zeal of my companions, and with the holy communings in which we pass our days. Indeed, it seems to me that I take my part with them in that sweet harmony. I frequently exclaim in my heart, ' Is Saul also amongst the prophets?' and I remind myself of the disciples' words : ' Was not our hearts burning when He spoke with us upon the way ?'" On being sentenced, the aged confessor said, " It is only paying the common debt a little sooner ; we will go into the house of the Lord." He suffered at York, August 22, 1582.

This is no other but the house of God and the gate of Heaven.—GEN. xxviii. 17.

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