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Monday, November 24, 2014

St THOMAS MORE, Layman, 1535

“Now when he .had remained: in the Tower little more than a; month, my wife, longing to see her father, by her earnest suit at length got leave to go unto him. At whose coming, after the Seven Psalms and Litany said (which whensoever she came unto him, ere he fell
in talk of any worldly matter he used accustomably to say with her), among other communications he said unto her, ‘I  believe, Meg, that they have put me here ween that they have done me a high displeasure ; but I assure thee, on my faith, mine own good daughter, if it had not been for my wife and ye that be my children, 1 would not have failed. long ere this to have closed myself in as strait a room, and straiter too. But since I have come hither without mine own desert, I trust that God of His goodness will discharge me of my care, and with His gracious help supply my lack among you. I find no cause, I thank God, Meg,.to reckon myself in worse case here than at  home, for methinks God maketh me a wanton, and setteth me on His lap, and dandleth me.”’

“i will allure her and lead her into the wilderness, and I will speak to her heart.”—Osee ii. 14

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