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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bishop TUNSTALL of DURHAM, 1559


Erasmus described him as a man of most exquisite judgment both in Greek and Latin literature, but at the same time of incredible modesty and of sweet and joyful manner. B. Thomas More, who had been educated with him, declared that “ the world scarce contained anv one of greater learning, prudence, or goodness." Yet he failed where More stood firm, and under Henry VIII took the oath of Supremacy, and defended himself to Pole on the ground that the Pope’s supremacy was not so certain a matter as to die for. Pole replied, Your friends Fisher and More were of not so vile a mind as not to know why they died. God send you a livelier spirit in His honour.” He atoned, how-ever, for his weakness under Edward VI by his Opposition to the new Protestanttsm, and was sent to the Tower. Restored to his See of Durham under Mary, and strengthened and pardoned by the blessing of Christ's vicar, he ardently repaired the havoc caused by schism in his diocese. Summoned by Elizabeth to take the oath, he refused, and on his arrival in London, after a week’s journey, was deposed, and died imprisoned under Clark at the age of eighty-five, November 18, 1559.

To depart from iniquity pleaseth the Lord, and to depart from injustice is an entreaty for sin ECCLUS. xxxv. 8.

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