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Friday, November 21, 2014


“While the jury considered of their verdict, there then happened a thing, which all the Catholics of the time regarded as a miracle. Judge Ayliffe was sitting to keep the place, when the other judges retired. While the jury consulted about the condemnation of Father Campion and his company, the judge, pulling off his glove, found all his hand and his seal of arms bloody, without any token of wrong, pricking, or hurt; and being dismayed therewith, wiping, it went not away, but still returned ; he showed it to the gentlemen who sat before him, who can be witnesses of it till this day, and have some of them upon their faith and credit avouched it to be true. The portent indeed spoke the truth, for the divers wise and well-learned lawyers and others, conjecturing and conferring one with another what should be the verdict, they all agreed that, whatever might be concluded as to some of the rest, it was impossible to condemn Father Campion. But it was Father Campion that especially was designed to die, and for his sake the rest; and therefore no defence could serve : and the poor jury did that which they understood was looked for at their hands, and brought them in all guilty.” .

"The Lord detesteth hands that shed innocent blood.”—Prov. vi. 16, 17. ,

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