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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blessed WILLIAM HART to his Protestant mother II


Another biography

"ALAS, sweet Mother, why do you weep ? Why do you lament ? Why do you take so heavily my honourable death ? Know you not that we are born once to die ; and that always in this life we may not live? Know you not how vain, bow bickers how inconstant, how miserable this life of ours is ? Do you not consider my calling, my estate, my profession ? do you not remember that 1 am going to a place of all pleasure and felicity ? Why, then, do you weep ? why do you mourn ? why do you cry out ? But perhaps you will say I weep not so much for your death as I do for your being hanged, drawn, quartered. My sweetest mother, it is the favourablest, honorablest, happiest death that ever could have chanced unto me. I die, not for bravery, but for verity : I die, not for treason but for religion ; I die, not for any ill demeanour or offense committed, but only for my faith, for my conscience, for my parenthood, for my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ : and to tell you truth if I had ten thousand lives I am bound to lose them all rather than to break my faith and offend my God. We are not made to eat, drink, sleep, but to serve God,and to the cost of our lives" 

 For I reckon that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come. Romans viii. 18.

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