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Friday, March 28, 2014

Blessed WILLIAM HART to his Protestant Mother I



"SEEING that by the severity of the laws, by the wickedness of the times, and by God's holy ordinance and appointment! my days in this life are cut off: of duty and conscience I am bound (being far from you in body, but in spirit very near you) not only to crave your daily blessing, but also to write these few words unto you. You have been a most loving, natural, and careful mother unto me : you have supered great pains in my birth and bringing up; you have toiled and turmoiled to feed and sustain me your first and eldest child; and therefore for these and all other your motherly cherishings I give you, as it becometh me to do , most humble and hearty thanks ; wishing that it lay in me to show myself as loving, natural, and dutiful a son as you have showed yourself a most tender and careful mother. I had meant this spring to have seen you if God had granted me health and liberty, but now never shall I see you or any of yours in this life again; trusting yet in Heaven to meet you, to see you, and to live everlastingly with you" 

Forget not the groanings of thy mother. Ecclus vii. 29

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